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  • Irina Brailovski

The “mixed consistency” struggle

Some people can drink “regular” or what we call thin liquids, yet they have difficulty with certain food items: breakfast cereal, soups, many fruits.

What is happening?

Unfortunately, many therapists who perform Modified Video Barium Swallowing studies, do not test performance with what we call a mixed consistency.

What is a mixed consistency?

Simply put, a mixed consistency is a combination of a liquid and solid consistency in the same bite or bolus (amount of food ready to be swallowed.

Examples of mixed consistencies:

  • Cereal with milk

  • Soup with pieces of pasta, chicken, carrots etc in it

  • Very juicy fruit like watermelon, ripe peaches, grapes

  • Ice cream mixed with whole nuts or fruit

What to choose instead:

  • Cream soups, clear soup,

  • Hot cereal or dry cereal alone, dry cereal mixed with yogurt

  • Drier fruit, fruit cut small and separated from juice

  • Plain ice cream

Do you have questions?

I can help you.

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